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PT ASI PUDJIASTUTI GEOSURVEY is Indonesian Airborne LiDAR Company based in Jakarta. PT ASI Pudjiastuti Geosurvey can provide high resolution, best quality, and cost-effective Airborne LiDAR services. Established in 2009, PT APG was devised to provide high quality LiDAR data services for emerging markets via integration of leading edge technologize. PT. APG utilizes the real world experience of its team of professionals to meet the growing demand of these industry sectors. As a sister company of Susi Air, PT. APG presently owns and operates Pilatus Porter Turbo Jet and Leica ALS 70, Metric Camera of Leica RCD 30. We have the experience and proven technology and methodology, to manage any size project, anywhere in the world
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What is LiDAR
Our Projects
  • LiDAR Data Acquisition
  • Digital Photogrammetry The goal of digital photogrammetry is to establish the geometric relationship between an object and a digital image and derive information about the object strictly from the image.
  • Thopographic MapTopographic maps are detailed, accurate graphic representations of features that appear on the Earth's surface. These features include: cultural (roads, buildings, urban development, railways, airports, names of places and geographic features, administrative boundaries, etc) ; hydrography (lakes, rivers, streams, swamps, coastal flats); relief (mountains, valleys, contours and cliffs, depressions); vegetation (wooded and cleared areas, vineyards and orchards)
  • GNSS Positioning
  • LiDAR for Transmission LineThis is a sample data from 3D Model of Transmission Line
LiDAR and Digital Photogrammetry
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