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Airborne LiDAR
PT ASI Pudjiastuti Geosurvey operate airborne LiDAR sensors to provide a full complement of solutions that meet customer needs for fast and accurate elevation data. Through constant improvements to our sensors, processing software, and production techniques, PT ASI Pudjiastuti Geosurvey is a LiDAR mapping leader. Applications for our LiDAR mapping services include floodplain mapping, forest inventory, transportation and utility corridor mapping, landuse/land-cover classification, 3D urban modeling, and line-of-sight analysis, among others.
Airborne Digital Imagery
Using digital aerial imagery metric format RCD 30, PT ASI Pudjiastuti Geosurvey offering services for airborne digital imagery acquisition data, both for photogrammetric mapping acquisition and non photogrammetric mapping acquisition.
Digital Photogrammetric Mapping
Photogrammetric mapping used by PT ASI Pudjiastuti Geosurvey is a mapping over the aerial photo stereo pairs based on pixels. Mosaic is not only produced, but the extraction of digital stereo images, whether producing Terrain (Digital Surface Model) as well as information extracted planimetrik pixel-based stereo
Spatial Planing
Advances in technology have made geographic information systems more valuable than ever. Today's systems are more powerful-and more complex-than their recent predecessors. Professionals who depend on a GIS to help make important decisions based on geospatial information need a full-service, experienced source to help manage this sophisticated and indispensable tool, and increasingly they're finding it with PT ASI pudjiastuti Geosurvey,
LiDAR and Digital Photogrammetry
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