About Us


LiDAR, judging from-the trend of technological development in 2009, could be predicted that the Airborne LiDAR’s product will dominate the the survey and mapping in Indonesia. Airborne LiDAR will be the most advance technology in large scale mapping in the future. PT APG has been able to do the Airborne LiDAR mapping survey exceed of 3.5 million hectares around Indonesia. It makes PT APG as one of the largest Airborne LiDAR companies in Indonesia, even in Southeast Asia.

PT APG operates its own Airborne LiDAR system Leica ALS70 and Leica ALS80 embedded with the metric aerial Camera Leica RCD30 80 MP and 60 MP. Supported with the experienced engineer with various scientific major, PT APG will continue to grow following the development technology to constantly adjust to the needs of market.